Ups & Downs

On  the plus side my legs continue to be in good shape, but other health issues are setting me back.


The Gohl Program -Random Musings Shortly After Leaving the Healing Retreat

You may feel like you are lost in a deep dark pit that you will never be able to escape from when you have CRPS. However there are lights out there beyond the darkness and people willing to lift you into the light. The Gohl Program provided the light to guide me and I was pulled out of that dark pit by the program's wonderful and compassionate staff.

Different Conditions but Same Perspectives: Sharing Because the Sentiments Apply to Us All – I Don’t Want Awareness (I Want Acceptance) by Anonymously Autistic

It doesn't matter what you are dealing with (be it a condition like autism or an illness like CRPS), there is one thing we all strive for and that is acceptance and understanding from our fellow human beings!

How My Cats Save My Life Every Single Day

As part of the weekly Discover Challenge posted today (4 Oct 2016), we are being asked to look to the bond between human and animal for inspiration. This will be my first post for the weekly challenge, but it is an important one because I will be reflecting on the positive impact my animals have had in my life.

CRPS Sucks: The Somewhat Abridged Version of My Story

I suppose it would help to talk about who I was before CRPS, so who I am now can be better understood. I was born and raised in Oklahoma City, OK. I was an only child and I think I was always a lot harder on myself than any one else. I pushed myself very hard …

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