Ups & Downs

On the plus side my legs continue to be in good shape, but other health issues are setting me back.

My CRPS remains essentially gone, I get a few flashes of heat and redness, but nothing like before. I haven’t touched my cane since Sacramento and I spent my flight from Phoenix to Oklahoma City talking to a complete stranger, which was weird. Yes, I felt good enough to strike up a conversation with a sttanger for two hours, but I don’t ever hold conversations with people I don’t know … I guess I am growing up? 

Since being home, I have been working on keeping up with the stretches I was taught during my week with the Gohl Program. I am proud of myself for that, following through is not an easy task for me. I also went to another store today and didn’t run out of energy or feel miserable going up and down aisles. 

The not so positive news … I am dealing with issues with hormone levels and gynecological problems as a result. My doctor couldn’t figure it out, so I was sent to a gynecologist. The gynecologist is sending me to get two CT scans and an ultrasound. The CT scans are to look for tumors that could be causing the abnormal hormone levels. Fingers crossed that a tumor is not the problem. Although (and I hate to say this) at least people know what a tumor is and it can be measured and given an identifiable rating of severity. Pain is so subjective that no one wants to really rate it or admit it causes problems. With CRPS most people have no idea what it is and because the primary symptom is pain, it cannot be quantified easily. My insurance company made sure to point that out to me in their latest denial of disability benefits coverage.

It’s a good thing I found something that is keeping the severe CRPS Pain away. With the horrible pain and no jope of disability, I don’t know what I would do … so thank goodness for the Gohl Program coming into my life when it did. I wish I could say everything was perfect with my legs, but the arthritis pain has been slowly creeping in and taking hold. However arthritis pain is something I can live with and work around. The CRPS Pain was an entirely different story.

Once I get my body back to behaving normally I am pretty sure my energy levels and general feelings of well being will improve. I can’t wait for that to happen. It’s been such a long time since I felt really good, but I think I’m on the right path and hopefully there will be no more obstacles in my way!


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