The Generosity of Strangers

I am grateful for the generosity of strangers today. I have been given the opportunity to go to a 5 day treatment program (The Gohl Program) in Sacramento, California. An anonymous donor made it possible for my friend, Chelsi, to go to the Gohl Program a couple of days ago and one of the amazing doctors who supports the program matched the donation so I could go as well. A plane ticket, a hotel room, and five days of treatment are being given to me by someone I have never met. How amazing is that?

The Gohl Program helps people who suffer from CRPS/RSD and other chronic pain. Through manual ligament therapy, they can assist with mobility issues and pain throughout the body. The treatment is non-invasive, natural, and requires no medication.

It is one of those days where I am in awe of the good that exists in so many people. I’ve had such a string of horrible luck that I never expected this wonderful gift. To be offered the chance to try an alternative treatment for my CRPS in another state is a truly amazing thing. Whenever there is doubt about the good in humanity, remember that strangers can sometimes surprise you!

Chelsi and I were both in shock as we were both losing hope, so thank you thank you thank you to the kind people who donated to help us! 💜


Just because Chelsi and I received a chance to go to the Gohl Program doesn’t mean we want to stop raising funds. We would still like to raise more funds to give others the opportunity to attend future sessions. So if you can donate please visit: and give a few dollars to give someone else an opportunity to be treated!


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